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PIELLE Consulting is committed to the continuous professional development of its team and to supporting the development of new and aspiring entrants to this important professional practice of communication.

Recognising how competitive the market is for new entrants to the sector, we have two internship posts on our team, each of a minimum of six months’ duration, providing planned learning and experience to intelligent, quality outcome driven individuals. Often these roles lead to longer term or permanent posts at PIELLE.
To be considered for our next internship intake, send your cv, first stage career objectives and target experience timetable, marked ‘internship application’, to

Account Executive Posts
We are currently reviewing candidates to join PIELLE’s team in the coming months. Analytical, articulate, literate, numerate, meticulous, organised and techno-savvy individuals who are quality outcome driven and have at least some real world working experience can apply.
Send your cv, career objectives and availability details, marked ‘executive application’ to

Work Experience/placements
In addition to the arrangement we have to provide short term work experience for a senior sixth former from one of London’s schools, we offer a small number of work experience placements of one to three months to suitably qualified UK and international graduates and under graduates during each year.
To be considered, please provide your cv and details of the dates you are available to marked ‘work placement’.

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