Since 1980

Since 1980, we have delivered national and international quality client outcomes through partner-led, multi-disciplinary teams combining sectoral experience and professional expertise with our own methodologies and performance management processes.

Public relations helps organisations deliver better outcomes

We work with our clients to develop strategies and implement communication programmes that will support operational effectiveness and enhance their value to stakeholders by facilitating constructive engagement and mutual understanding through communication.

Our purpose is to engage stakeholders and empower clients in delivering better outcomes

Nationally and internationally, our work runs the spectrum of communication from advocacy, brand building and corporate responsibility, to risk management and contingency planning, marketing communications, employee relations and stakeholder engagement, to lobbying, inward investment, media relations and economic development promotion.

An independent report by Cass Business School shows that some of the UK’s best known private hospitals are reducing their tax liabilities by more than £30 million by taking advantage of their charitable status.


Free advice – worth what you pay for it.

Yesterday my doctor complained to me that she was worried at the number of patients who now came to see armed with the diagnosis of their ailment and a list of treatments they wanted her to give them.


Our ethos is…

…based on the application of intellectual rigour and the highest professional standards to create communication capital for our clients